cns-msc-New-Cars-2024-OL-Revised.png Whether your style is cruising through the city blasting tunes, getting the adrenalin pumping as you head off-road, or taking it easy breezy on the open highway, Suzuki has a hybrid vehicle (HEV) for you. With self-charging, fuel-saving Smart Hybrid technology you'll always be ready to go — wherever your journey may take you.

Taking the next step is easy. For a reliable and affordable vehicle that has less impact on the environment, and won't cause you to lose sleep at the thought of forgetting to plug-in, a Suzuki hybrid car is your best bet.

Now, here's the Suzuki cars and SUVs you know and love continuing to deliver style, performance and practicality, while being easy on the environment.

It’s got the looks. It’s got the moves. It’s a whole new world in the all-new Suzuki Swift.


Perfect for escaping everyday with it's hybrid efficiency and street-smart technology. Discover Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, NZ's most wanted SUV.

Vitara Hybrid
Vitara Hybrid

Make the most of every moment, cross over to the new Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid and discover your ticket to freedom.

S-Cross Hybrid
S-Cross Hybrid

Iconic looks, nifty performance — Switch up the fun in the lovable Suzuki Swift and discover the cleaner, safer, swifter way to drive.

Swift 3rd Gen
Swift 3rd Gen

Why hybrid is the smart choice

Less emissions, lower footprint

Switching to a thrifty and low-emitting Suzuki hybrid makes a positive difference. By producing lower emissions than a similarly sized fuel powered vehicle, driving a hybrid lowers your carbon footprint and lessens the impact on the environment.

Avoid range anxiety

Put the worries about finding a charging station before your car runs out of power aside when you drive a hybrid vehicle. A self-charging Suzuki hybrid is one you don't need to think about as it charges itself as you drive, recycling energy created while braking to recharge the battery and stores the energy for use when you need it.

Suits the city

The stop-start, low-speed driving when you're running around town is where a Suzuki hybrid really shines. A component of the hybrid system acts as a starter motor when the engine has auto stopped at traffic lights and provides power assistance on take-off, so you are not churning through fuel in rush-hour traffic.

Economically efficient

Suzukis have always been efficient to run and a Suzuki hybrid is no different. By sharing the load with an electric motor, the engine in a hybrid uses less fuel to run than a traditional car. It can also save fuel by auto-stop and restarting the petrol engine, assisting during acceleration, recharging the batteries and powering the electrical systems like the infotainment system, smartphone connectivity and safety features.

Reliable performance

No need to skimp on performance, or change the way you drive. Suzuki's Smart Hybrid fuel saving technology is light and compact, assisting the engine at different times during driving to reduce engine noise and make acceleration feel smoother.

Protected by warranty

All Suzuki hybrid vehicles sold new in New Zealand come with our 5 year Suzuki New Vehicle Warranty, covering all components of the hybrid powertrain including the battery up to 100,000kms or 5 years.*

* Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions, provide the vehicle is serviced at an authorised Suzuki service centre.

Proven, tried and tested

New technology can seem risky at first and while it may seem new to New Zealand, Suzuki has been making hybrid vehicles globally for over 20 years. Our 'smaller, fewer, lighter, shorter and neater' approach to designing customer-focused compact vehicles, continue to drive us towards a more sustainable society and greater care of the world we live in.

A little goes a looooong way

Everyone should get to experience that new car feeling. Which is why Suzuki are 100% committed to making new car ownership a reality for all New Zealanders, giving the best quality, value and service every time. So, see your Suzuki dealer today and find out just how easy and enjoyable owning a new Suzuki can be.

Every new Suzuki, big or small, includes a 5 year New Vehicle Warranty and Roadside Assist package for total peace of mind.

Make it easy to get the Suzuki you want, with finance solutions designed to meet your needs and budget.

Should the unthinkable happen, protect you and your Suzuki with an insurance policy right for you.

What our owners say

Dave W, Pukekohe
I love my gadgets and the Hybrid is full of them and I even have it's name attached to the car - 6ADGET.
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How Suzuki's Smart Hybrid works

Suzuki's Smart Hybrid system (SVHS) uses an electric motor called an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), working alongside Suzuki's efficient petrol engine to help improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The ISG is powered by a lithium-ion battery that assists the engine on take-off and acceleration, and recharges as the car decelerates and brakes.

While cruising the stored energy in the battery helps power all of the additional electrical systems like the infotainment system, smartphone connectivity, and other electrical components of the car.

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Features of Suzuki's Smart Hybrid technology include:

Regenerative braking

As you brake or decelerate, the Regenerative Braking function converts the unused kinetic energy, and stores it within the dual battery set up to assist motor functions such as Engine Stop Start and Engine Assist.

Self-charging function

The system checks the charge status of the normal battery and lithium-ion battery as you drive, recharging them as needed through regenerative braking.

Engine Auto Stop Start

When you are stationary and idling, such as at traffic lights, the engine automatically stops*, saving you fuel as the ISG powers the electrical systems. To get going, the ISG functions as a starter motor when you press the accelerator, reducing fuel consumption and enhances fuel efficiency. The Engine Stop Start system uses a belt drive to silently and smoothly restart the engine, compared to the sound of connecting gears of the conventional starter motor.

* Provided certain conditions are met. See the owner's manual for more information.

Engine assist

On take-off and acceleration while driving, the SVHS helps supress high fuel consumption by providing electric motor assist using the electricity generated through regenerative braking.

Torque-fill control & boost

In the Vitara and S-Cross Hybrid, the torque-fill control makes accelerating easier by instantly adding torque from the electric motor to the engine torque to compensate for engine response delays.

Torque boost smooths out acceleration by adding assisted power from the electric motor until the BoosterJet turbocharger kicks in.

Powering electrical components

As the vehicle is driving, the ISG supplies power to all of the electrical components of the car, including infotainment system, smartphone connectivity, dashboard display, lighting systems, windscreen wipers, heated seats, power steering, electric windows, safety features and electronic engine components.

Hybrid battery care

If you are storing your hybrid vehicle, it is recommended to restart and drive your vehicle for more than 30 minutes at least once every four weeks to recharge the battery and avoid draining the lithium-ion battery flat.

Take care to ensure the ignition is turned completely off when your vehicle is unattended for an extended time, as leaving it ON or in ACC mode can drain the battery to a level where it cannot recover.