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Why should I service my car?

Just like a dentist or a doctor check-up, you need to keep an eye on your car to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently. Regular checks pick up any irregularities before they become potentially expensive repairs, ensuring your Suzuki operates at its optimum performance levels.

Important components and lubricants, such as engine oil, have a limited period where they operate effectively, so it is important they are replaced at the times recommended in the Service & Warranty Manual.

How often should I service my car?

Regular servicing maintains your Suzuki's long-term reliability and safety, which is why we specify a distance travelled or annual interval, whichever comes first. Regular servicing also ensures you meet the servicing requirements of your 5 year Real Value Warranty Programme and increases the value of your car when you go to sell it.

Please refer to your owner's manual for your recommended servicing schedule.

I don’t drive very far; do I still need to service it regularly?

Even if you don't drive often or long distances you still should service you vehicle regularly. This is because some parts are more affected by time than they are by kilometers travelled.

Oil is a good example of this as it only lasts a limited time, especially if you are only doing short trips and/or lots of stop/start driving.

What driving conditions affect how often my car needs a service?

Pay particular attention to the service schedule when your vehicle is used during prolonged periods of severe driving conditions. These are:

  • When most trips are less than 6 kilometres
  • Idling and/or low-speed operation in stop-and-go traffic
  • Operating in rough and/or muddy areas
  • Operating in dusty areas
  • Repeated high speed drive or high engine revolutions
  • Operating in extremely cold weather and/or on salted roads
  • When most trips are less than 16 kilometres and outside temperature remain below freezing
  • Towing a trailer

Who should service my car?

Our expertly trained service technicians not only use the latest Suzuki diagnostic and technical equipment, but have access to up-to date training and information unique to your car. That’s why they can accurately identify possible issues and replace only the parts that need replacing

Remember, your Suzuki service manager is always happy to answer any questions about your car and its specific needs.

Can I service my car at a non-authorised servicing agent?

If you do use a local servicing centre, please consider that a subsequent failure may not be covered under warranty if the failure is proven to be a direct result of sub-standard parts or inadequate/incorrect servicing or repairs.

Where can I find my nearest Suzuki service centre/technician?

We have an extensive network of Suzuki Service centres around the country. You can find the one nearest to your location by going here. They can arrange for a timely service reminder to be sent before servicing is due.

How long does a service take?

We always aim to get your vehicle back to you by the agreed time and date – or before if possible. Once the service is completed, we’ll contact you to collect your car and explain what we’ve done, and why.

What does a service include?

Not all the parts on your car are replaced every time you have a service, as they wear and deteriorate at varying times and distances travelled. As a guide, a service may include the following:

  • Horn, lights and indicators
  • Wiper blades and washers
  • Hand brake and pedal operation
  • Battery
  • Drive belt
  • Engine oil and coolant
  • Transmission oil
  • Brake and clutch fluid
  • Air cleaner filter
  • Latches, hinges and locks
  • Wheels and tyres

Please refer to the maintenance schedule of your owner’s manual for specific items.

What happens if something is found at the service that needs repairing?

Once we’ve given your vehicle a thorough check, we’ll discuss with you what may need doing outside the service quote and anything else you would like done.

Can I use non-Suzuki Genuine Parts?

We recommend Suzuki genuine parts when you replace any of the parts of your car during maintenance or repair. These have been designed, constructed and tested to keep your Suzuki running at its best.

What else can I do to take care of my car?

It’s a good idea to read your owner’s manual, so you understand how to operate and take care of your investment. Plus, here are a few vehicle care tips you can do at home.


How do I order a spare key for my car?

Your local Suzuki service/parts technician will be able to identify the type of key required then programme this to your vehicle as needed.

I lost my only car key, what do I do now?

The best thing to do is contact a Suzuki dealership and have your vehicle registration number ready as this will help the service/parts technician to facilitate a replacement for you.

What is the best way to get a price for a part or accessory for my Suzuki?

We suggest you visit or call your local Suzuki dealership, where they will be able to provide a price for Suzuki Genuine Parts or Accessories designed and engineered for your Suzuki, as well as fitment costs that may be applicable.

The manual is missing from my Suzuki; how do I order a replacement?

Your local Suzuki dealership is able to assist you with this inquiry. It’s best to have your registration number ready to help your technician identify the appropriate manual for your vehicle.

My Suzuki is a Japanese import and the manual is in Japanese, how can I order an English version?

Your local Suzuki dealership is able to assist you with this inquiry. The vehicle registration number and the Suzuki VIN (vehicle identification number) stamped on the manufacturers “Model ID” plate affixed to the vehicle are required to find the most suitable manual for the vehicle.

Where can I purchase a battery for my vehicle’s remote?

Standard battery types are used in remotes, therefore replacements can be located on a battery stand at any battery stockist.

Warranty and technical

What colour is my car?

You can find the colour code for your vehicle on the Identification Plate located either under the bonnet or inside one of the front doors (base of B pillar). Alternatively, you can contact Suzuki New Zealand or your local Suzuki dealership and they can identify the colour code through the Suzuki Warranty system.

How can I update my Satellite Navigation system?

You can find information on updating your Satellite Navigation unit on the Suzuki website under our Updates and Recalls section. Should you require any further technical assistance you can call our warranty and technical team at SNZ Head Office on 0800 SUZUKI (0800 78 98 54).

Why are some roads not showing on my Sat Nav?

It can take approximately 2 years for new road layouts to be collected in updated data form, verified, and then added to the software so it is visible on your Sat Nav.

I’ve purchased/am purchasing a used NZ New Suzuki, how do I find out what factory warranty it may have remaining?

You can email Suzuki head office through our contact form with the vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number and someone from our warranty or customer service team will clarify what warranty and roadside assist may apply to the specific vehicle. You can also call Suzuki head office on 0800 SUZUKI (0800 78 98 54).

How do I know if my vehicle has been involved in a recall or safety campaign?

You can find out more about our safety recall process on our website under the Owners/Recalls & Updates section.

What type of petrol is best for my Suzuki?

You may be able to identify which type of petrol your vehicle requires by checking the information panel inside your fuel cap cover. If you require further assistance you can call our warranty and technical team at SNZ Head Office on 0800 SUZUKI (0800 78 98 54) or send us a message through our contact form.

Why does my Suzuki not come with a spare tyre?

Some Suzuki Sport models substitute a Flat Tyre Repair Kit in place of a temporary use spare wheel, this reduces weight and takes up less space. Please consult your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for correct use of this kit.

My Suzuki is a Japanese import and the radio is in Japanese, can I change this to English?

Your local dealership will be able to provide a range of options in this situation and help find the best choice for you.

What does Suzuki Assist cover?

Suzuki assist covers 24 hour break down assistance, battery repairs, emergency fuel and much more. To find out more click here.

Suzuki Insurance

How do I make a Suzuki Insurance claim?

If the unexpected should occur please contact the Suzuki Insurance toll-free number 0800 778 282.

What information will I need to provide?

When you call the above number please make sure you have your name, license plate number or policy number, and a description of the claim ready to go.


My question wasn't answered here, what should I do?

You can use the search bar function at the top of the website to look for keywords relating to your question, contact your local Suzuki dealership, fill in our online contact form, or reach us by phone on 0800 SUZUKI (78 98 54).

How do I find my nearest Suzuki dealer?

You can find them through our dealer finder.

How do I update my details?

You can update your details by filling out our contact form.

How do I update Suzuki with my personalised plate?

This can also be done through our contact form.

How do I inquire about Sponsorship?

Please send any inquiries regarding sponsorship through our contact form.

How do I report an issue with the Suzuki website?

If you notice any problems with the website please let us know through our contact form. If the website is down please message us through our Facebook page.