Vehicle Care Tips

How to take care of my Suzuki?

To help keep your Suzuki in tip-top shape, we recommend that you regularly carry out your own ‘love my car’ check on your vehicle. These checks, in between regular services, can help avoid the need for expensive repairs and improve general vehicle performance and fuel consumption.

So, show your car a little love and give it a go.

1. Check your tyres

Get pumped…but not too much. The right tyre pressure is important, as the incorrect amount could affect the performance of your vehicle as well as increase your fuel consumption. You will find your vehicle's tyre pressures in your owner's manual.

2. Check your lights

See and be seen! For legal as well as safety reasons, check all your vehicle lights regularly. A new light bulb costs a little, but it could result in an expensive fine. Your local Dealer will be able to replace your light bulb for you in no time.

3. Check your engine oil

Keep it on the line. Every engine consumes oil and keeping yours topped up is easy. But don’t overfill, as this can damage your engine just as much as having too little. Contact your local Dealer if you need help on how to do this or which engine oil to use.

4. Check your windscreen wipers and screen wash

You missed a spot. We all know good visibility whilst driving in all weather conditions is a must. So, check your wiper blades are in good condition, the inside of your windscreen is clean, and your wash bottle is topped up with good quality screen wash to get rid of bugs in the summer and prevent frozen washer jets in the winter.