Suzuki Future Value

In the driver's seat

Buying a new car is a big decision. With Suzuki Future Value you’ll have a flexible finance and ownership solution that best suits where you are at right now and where you’ll be in the future.

Suzuki Future Value offers you the certainty of low fixed repayments with three easy options at the end of your agreed term to choose from – RENEW, RETAIN or RETURN. It’s the smart and flexible way to purchase the Suzuki that’s perfect for you, even as your lifestyle changes.

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Keeping your options open

Everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different. With Suzuki Future Value you’ll be driving away on your terms, thanks to a contract featuring an interest rate fixed for the term of the loan and set repayments. At the conclusion of your agreed term you’ll have the freedom to select a smart option to suit you:

RENEW – upgrade to a new Suzuki and the equity you’ve built up will contribute towards your new Suzuki.

RETAIN – own the Suzuki you have at the end of your agreed term by negotiating a new finance agreement or paying the outstanding loan balance to buy it outright.

RETURN – give the vehicle back and provided you’ve made all your regular payments, the vehicle meets fair wear and tear standards and is within the agreed kilometre allowance, you won’t need to pay the final loan payment, just the return fee.

How it works

Here's how Suzuki Future Value works:

1. Choose the Suzuki vehicle you want.

2. Select the contract term which suits you best (36 months or 48 months).

3. Agree the annual kilometre allowance (10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 km per year).

4. Decide your deposit amount (gives you the option to reduce your repayments to fit your budget).

5. We’ll then calculate the assured future value based on the total kilometre allowance and your chosen contract term to establish your set regular payments.

6. Provided you meet the lending criteria*, you're ready to drive your new Suzuki away.

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* Suzuki Future Value is available on selected vehicles only through Suzuki Finance. UDC Finance standard terms, conditions and credit criteria apply to any Suzuki Finance loan. Suzuki Future Value terms and conditions apply. If these conditions are not met, the option to return the vehicle for the Suzuki Future Value at the end of your contract may not be available and the outstanding loan must still be repaid in full. Details of terms and conditions will be specified in the loan document. Rates and fees are available on request. We recommend you seek independent financial advice to determine if this option is suitable for you before signing the loan agreement.

Maintaining your Suzuki

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your Suzuki Future Value, your Suzuki must be in an acceptable condition when you return or trade-in your Suzuki and must not exceed the kilometre allowance you have selected. It must also have had all its scheduled services.

Some reasonable wear and tear is to be expected, but the condition of your vehicle needs to remain within the provisions of your Suzuki Future Value contract and Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines. Where the vehicle is not in acceptable condition or where you have exceeded your kilometre allowance, reinstatement and repair costs or excess kilometre charges will apply.

Download the Fair Wear & Tear Guide

Common Questions

How is Suzuki Future Value different to a standard finance contract?

With Suzuki Future Value, the value of your vehicle at the end of the term is agreed up front. This means the future value of your Suzuki is the same as the amount of your final loan payment. You choose the term for your finance contract, the deposit you would like to pay (if any) and the kilometres you intend to travel. At the end of the finance contract term, you’ll have the choice to trade your Suzuki in, keep it, or return it.

How long is the Suzuki Future Value finance contract?

Once you have chosen your vehicle, you can select either a 36 month or 48 month loan term and choose how many kilometres you plan to travel within a year.

What are my options when my loan term ends?

At the end of the loan term, you can choose to renew your vehicle by trading it in for another Suzuki or return it to us for the agreed Suzuki Future Value (subject to the terms). If you wish to keep your vehicle and not use the Suzuki Future Value, you can pay the outstanding balance or refinance your loan (subject to credit assessment). It’s your choice and allows flexibility to suit your situation.

What happens if I want to return my vehicle at the end of the loan term?

You must tell us or the dealer of your intention to use the Suzuki Future value and an inspection of your vehicle will be organised. Upon completion of the inspection you will be advised whether the vehicle meets Fair Wear and Tear guidelines, is within contracted kilometres and all other contractual obligations have been met. If all of the conditions are met, you can return the vehicle to us and the Suzuki Future Value will be used to satisfy the final loan payment under your loan contract.

What happens if the vehicle doesn’t meet Fair Wear and Tear standards?

If you choose to return your vehicle to us or trade it in at the end of the term and your vehicle does not meet the Fair Wear and Tear standards, you will be given the opportunity to pay a Reinstatement and Repair Cost or repair the vehicle at your own cost. Should the vehicle not be repaired to meet the Fair Wear and Tear standards, the value of your Suzuki Future Value may be reduced.

What happens if I drive over the contracted kilometres?

There is an excess kilometre charge of 15c per kilometre over the contracted kilometres. It is therefore important that you select the most suitable kilometre option before the start of your loan.

Can I change my kilometre options?

The kilometre option cannot be amended once the loan has started and until it is settled.

Can I use the Suzuki Future Value before the end of the term?

If you settle the loan before the end of the term, you cannot use the agreed Suzuki Future Value.

Do I pay more for Suzuki Future Value?

Interest charges are higher for Suzuki Future Value than for a similar loan and term without a final loan payment. With all finance contracts we recommend that you seek independent financial advice to determine which option is suitable for you.

Do I own the vehicle?

Yes. Suzuki Future Value is an option on a loan not a lease. If you decide to return the vehicle at the end of the term, you will be selling the vehicle back to us or our representative.