Why buy an SUV?

What better choice to get the maximum value for your investment than the ever popular SUV or ‘sport utility vehicle’. This every day, go-anywhere superstar wraps a multitude of talents into one appealing package and here’s why you should consider adding one to your garage.

In the command seat

Tall with elevated ride height, our SUV’s offer excellent all round visibility for both drivers and passengers. So next time you are looking for a park, you’ll be able to easily spot the empty ones, or when you want to reverse out of your driveway, you’ll be able to see over the garden hedge.

Ins and outs

Aren’t quite as limber as you used to be or don’t like having to fold yourself into the driver’s seat? The higher ride height, taller doors and shorter sills in a Vitara mean drivers and passengers don't have to bend and stoop. The roof line on the SUV doesn't taper down at the back, so headroom for backseat passengers is just as good as in the front.

Off-roaders at heart

SUVs are all about heading off-road to seek out adventure. Depending what off road ability you need, our SUV range covers all the bases. We have road orientated AWDs like the S-Cross or Vitara, designed to transition easily from city to country, summer to winter, tar-seal to gravel. Or go hard-core in a Jimny with separate chassis, low range and the need to get extreme and dirty.

Either way, our SUVs give you greater mobility and traction with their solid suspension, adjustable transmission, hill descent control, higher ground clearance, and underbody protection.

Space machines

There is no better way to cram everything you own and love into one vehicle. Plus it doesn’t have to be large to have all the comforts and room you need. Our compact SUVs get you from here to there with plenty of headroom, legroom and flexible storage space. The question is not what you’ll take, but when can you go.

Efficient and safe

Our latest S-Cross and Vitara combine advances in body weight design and smaller capacity engines to create fuel-efficiency similar to small cars.

With a raft of standard safety features such as ESP®, ABS, EBD with brake assist and reversing cameras, you’ll feel as confident as you can be.

Modern touches

Touch-screen Satellite Navigation systems, smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, automatic climate control, keyless start, and cruise control are the little luxuries you can find in our SUVs. These make every road-trip that much more enjoyable.

Tow it behind

If you love horses, boats, fishing, camping, DIY or even op-shopping, chances are you need to tow once in a while. Due to its larger size and larger pulling power, an SUV is super handy for the job of towing. Plus our manual Jimny can be flat towed behind a campervan.

Dress it up

There’s no shortage of ways to make your SUV stand out from the crowd or protect it from what you’re going to throw at it. Choose from coloured interior trims, distinctive side body mouldings or roof spoilers, or bumper trims and cargo trays for the wet and muddy stuff you just want to throw in the back.

Dogs love them

Ask any dog, and they'll tell you they love our SUV’s too. Using a few accessories, like a cargo barrier or pet carriers, there’s no need to leave them at home. They can go along for the ride, safely and securely too.

Value for money

Quite simply put, our compact SUVs are a whole lot for a whole lot less. Safe, efficient, roomy, and starting from under $25,000, there is one to suit everybody’s budget and lifestyle.

Our Real Value price includes a 5 year Warranty and Roadside Assist package for total peace of mind. You also have the cost saving benefit of 12 month service intervals through our extensive network of nationwide dealerships.

Perfectly practical, practically perfect. You'll feel right at home in the Suzuki Ignis, the perfect super compact SUV.


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Vitara Hybrid
Vitara Hybrid

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S‑Cross Hybrid
S‑Cross Hybrid

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Jimny 3-Door