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Suzuki Swift and Vitara Lead Way in Reducing Ownership Costs

Two of the most popular models in the Suzuki range have been named top in their respective classes for being the least expensive cars to own.

For the second successive year the Suzuki Swift and Vitara are class leading cars to own and operate in Australia, according to a recent survey by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ).

Other motoring organisations, like the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia and the Royal Automobile Club in Western Australia, have backed the RACQ in naming the Swift as the cheapest car to own in the light car category, and the Vitara the number one model in the small SUV class.

The 2018 RACQ Vehicle Running Cost survey looked at a record 139 popular vehicles and assessed expenses associated with owning a car. This included costs related to interest, fuels, tyres, servicing, insurance, government charges and depreciation.

Results from the Australian research revealed the annual running costs for a Swift were less than one third the amount needed for the most expensive vehicle in the survey. A Vitara was also substantially cheaper to run than larger SUV models.

The RACQ said downsizing can save motorists thousands each year. “If you swap a large vehicle for a small car, you’ll have around an extra $100 a week in your pocket,” said the RACQ. “Similar savings can be made by opting for a car with lower ownership costs.”

Gary Collins, General Manager of Automobile Marketing for Suzuki New Zealand, said that with rising costs of motoring, New Zealand owners were also becoming increasingly conscious of the overall expenses related to purchasing and running vehicles.

Depreciation remains the largest cost of ownership which is forgotten about until motorists trade up to a new car and then the cost is painfully apparent. They also often fail to consider the many other expenses relating to vehicle ownership.

Internationally, Suzuki vehicles are recognised not only for their affordability but also low running costs with exceptional fuel economy levels as well as strong reliability.

Suzuki was once again voted top automotive brand in New Zealand in an independent survey of owners by customer satisfaction and research business Canstar Blue. Suzuki was the only manufacturer to score a top 5 star overall satisfaction rating in the 2018 Canstar Blue survey after asking owners how they rated their car buying experience.

In addition, Suzuki was the only brand to be rated 5 Stars for reliability and value for money across twelve well-known car manufacturers. Suzuki also scared a maximum rating for after sales servicing.

Suzuki has been ranked second overall in the 2018 J.D. Power UK Vehicle Dependability survey, further highlighting the marque’s reliability. The recently announced results saw Suzuki with 87 faults per 100 vehicles compared to an average of 128 for all the 25 popular car brands surveyed.

Five luxury car makes were included in the research and the least dependability franchise had more than twice as many problems as Suzuki. The J.D. Power survey was based on responses from more than 13,000 owners of one to three year old cars.

Suzuki is the eighth largest car maker in the world, with annual sales of more than 3.2 million vehicles. Currently 8,832 Suzuki vehicles are sold every day world-wide.