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​Suzuki Marine: Powering positive change

In a world first, Suzuki have developed a device for outboard motors that removes microplastics from the ocean. So while you have fun on the water, you’re also helping clean up the environment.

Plastic has become a real problem in recent years as it finds its way into the sea and breaks down into small pieces. It’s then consumed by marine organisms – including the fish we eat. As outboards pump a large amount of water through them, Suzuki’s engineers realised they could use it to collect plastic without any decrease in performance.

Appearing first as an optional extra in 2021 the device will likely become standard in the future. The development is part of the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project which has been running since 2010. It has involved over 8,000 people from 26 countries with multiple initiatives helping to repair and protect the world’s oceans and waterways.

Another Suzuki initiative is the switch to sustainable packaging. Starting back in September 2020, Genuine Suzuki Marine parts have begun shipping in paper-based boxes and bags. This move has the potential to reduce the amount of plastic used by about 2.3 tons per year.Clean Ocean logo.png

Suzuki Marine is well-known amongst boaties for making “the ultimate outboard motor”. The Clean Ocean Project shows it’s not just about technical innovations, it also includes eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives that will help protect our oceans for generations to come.