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Sending Smiles to People's Doors

Too busy to pamper yourself – or your special someone? Don’t worry, it’s MyTreat, an innovative business that delivers joy all over New Zealand.

Each month MyTreat subscribers receive a box with a range of products designed to make them feel extraordinary. The exact content is always a lovely surprise but it usually includes beautiful underwear, full sized beauty and skincare products, luxury drinks or a sweet treat.

Rosie Graystone, the founder and owner of MyTreat, is a busy multi-tasker and can often be seen dashing around Central Otago in her bright turquoise Suzuki Vitara.

When Rosie realised there was nobody catering to the needs of today’s Kiwi mums and professional women, Rosie started offering body and underwear packages; “A girl can never have too many pairs!” she laughs.

The first MyTreat Body and Underwear box was delivered in November 2016. Now after almost 2 years MyTreat sends out over 1,500 boxes each month, and they’re constantly innovating and adding new products.

“The whole idea of MyTreat is to make our customers feel beautiful from the inside out” says Rosie. “Our boxes encourage multi-tasking women to treat themselves more and try new things. We put them together thoughtfully with a variety of high-quality products. And there’s always an element of surprise and delight, so every month they can look forward to feeling amazing.”

A lot of MyTreat’s customers are working mums and busy professionals who don’t get the opportunity to treat themselves as often as they should. The boxes help them escape and enjoy a moment of indulgence. Perhaps they get to test a revitalising new face scrub, pour themselves a pot of luxury tea, or relax with aromatherapy lotions. There’s quality products of all kinds to try and MyTreat sources only eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and natural brands.

If you’d like to buy a MyTreat subscription for yourself visit mytreat.co.nz – go on, you deserve it! Or perhaps there’s a busy woman you know who could do with a treat?

Photo courtesy of NEXT magazine