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Next Generation Suzuki Swift Set to Continue New Zealand Love Affair

The iconic Suzuki Swift hatchback has become a household name in the New Zealand motoring world with an enduring popularity that has made it the nation’s favourite small car.

In its new fourth generation form, the iconic Swift not only enjoys an upgraded body style but also an enhanced driver focused interior, a higher standard of equipment, improved performance and better economy.

Building on the legacy of its predecessors, the Swift hatchback is a global success story and this latest generation represents an automotive advancement aimed at providing the driver everything they need in a safe and affordable car.

Suzuki’s first car to bear the Swift name launched in 1983, but the arrival of the brand’s debut world strategic model in 2004 was deemed to be the first new generation series. Right from then the Swift became a sales success with popularity continuing to increase over the past two decades.

The body style and driving characteristics immediately attracted a wider audience to the Suzuki brand and the Swift was soon selling in 169 countries, with strong sales in Europe. It was soon applauded both in New Zealand and abroad for fun handling and enviable reliability.

Production of that initial first generation Swift topped 2.54 million, while more than 3.4 million second generation versions were sold between 2011 and 2017. With the arrival of the latest model, cumulative Swift sales have topped 9 million cars and is Suzuki’s top selling vehicle for the last 10 years.

The Swift has been the top selling car to private buyers in New Zealand for the January 2005 to April 2024 period, ahead of Ranger, Hilux, and Corolla. In the last 12 months the Swift led the light car segment in the local market and for the past year has been the third best selling new car in the passenger/SUV market. Not only that, as the best selling Suzuki vehicle, the Swift played a significant part in Suzuki having the most satisfied motor vehicle customers in the Canstar Blue consumer award.

New Zealanders grappling with the high cost of living and higher interest rates may well choose to downsize from larger vehicles to more affordable, compact and cheaper-to-run models. “This is where the new Swift fits into the market really well,” said Aaron Wales, the Automobile Sales Manager of Suzuki New Zealand.

“The Swift has been a great success story and in its latest form represents even more polish and appeal with its exceptional fuel economy, driver appeal and well proportioned dimensions,” said Wales.

“It is a car that has traditionally punched above its weight and is likely to continue to do so with the fact it offers a lot of car for the money, has light, easy controls and a comfortable cabin,” he said. “At the same time the fourth generation Swift has not lost any of its playfulness and charm.”

“Buyers have long perceived the Swift to be an extremely good value package and they love the look of the car and the way it drives,” said Wales. “It also provides surprising interior space, especially for the front seat passengers with headroom that belies its compact dimensions.”

An initial development goal was to create an all-new hatchback back style that is undoubtedly Suzuki and with all the technology the driver needed.

The piano-black grille and L-shaped signature daytime running lamps that flow into the rounded shoulder body lines, highlighted by flared guards and a floating roof design are right up to the minute. However, the latest generation remains distinctly Swift and the new model embodies an evolutionary approach.

At 3,860 mm in overall length, the new car is 15mm longer than its predecessor, while both height and width are identical. A new adhesive underbody helps reduce noise, vibration and harshness.

The Swift has won more than 60 awards internationally, including the AMI Insurance Autocar New Zealand Small Car of the Year in 2011, the best Micro/Light Car of the Year by the Automobile Association/New Zealand Motoring Writers Guild in 2017 and was named the People’s Choice award in the 2018 AA Driven New Zealand Car of the Year.

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