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Lego on an Adventure

Lego, it’s a novelty for both the young and old. It knows no boundaries, and the options are quite literally endless.

But did you know Lego offers a platform for you to share your creations? And if it garners enough support, there is every possibility that your design could be approved for production and find its way to a store near you.

That is exactly what Petra Leary from Auckland has done. Petra has built a functional scaled model of the Suzuki Jimny that is fully kitted out for your next off road adventure. It includes roof racks, side mounts, a snorkel, removable flood lights, a back ladder for roof access, a spare tyre mounted to the back door, recovery tracks, compact shovel, a complete tool kit, extra fuel containers and oil canisters. It comes with absolutely everything you could need for a 4WD experience!

LEGO JIMNY PETRA LEARY_-16.jpgIt is an inspiring piece of work, so we decided to catch up with Petra to find out why she chose the Jimny and what inspired her to build this set.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do

I am an Aerial (Drone) Photographer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. My love for drones became my full time career, and has taken me all over the world, even landing me as the subject of a Loading Docs Documentary that featured in the NYC Doc Fest. When I'm not flying I spend a lot of my time creating digital animations, working on Lego builds, and hanging out with my dog Kodak. I'm also an ambassador for ADHD New Zealand.

Tell us a bit about your Suzuki. What is your favourite feature and why? Does it have a nickname?

I am stoked to be the owner of a Suzuki Jimny 2021, Medium Grey colourway.

There are so many features about it that I love, but my favourite would have to be the ability to have the backseats folded flat. It's the perfect work table for my drones when I'm on a job. I'm still deciding on the nickname. Ha!

Petra Leary-1-crop.jpgWhy did you purchase a Jimny over other 4X4 vehicles?

The Jimny really appealed to me because of its size, being mostly based in the city it's the perfect car to get around, and super easy to park. I wanted something that I could carry all my photo gear in and take off road when we travel, but wasn't too big. Plus it looks so cool, especially when you see it from the sky.

What inspired you to create a Jimny Lego set?

I was driving home one day and thought it would be fun to try to create a model that replicated the vehicle as closely as possible, with all its features and moving parts, so I could have a mini version of my Jimny for the shelf in our house. I started building it and thought, it's such an iconic vehicle, and so popular, it would be an awesome addition to the Lego Vehicle sets.

If you could create another idea for a Lego set what would it be?

I think I would create a DJI Inspire 3 model (Drone), including the controller and all the extra batteries and accessories that come along with it, as well as a motor function for spinning propellers.

So, come on New Zealand? Petra needs your help to become a Lego Fan Designer!

Head over to the Lego Ideas website and offer your support and the Suzuki Jimny 4X4 Adventure set could become a Lego reality.