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8 Wired’s Crafty Cars

Scrolling on social media can sometimes pay off. At Suzuki, we stumbled across 8 Wired while looking through the tagged photos on our Instagram page. It was here that we found our beloved Jimny had been turned in to a cleverly designed marketing tool – a tool that is being used to bring some fun to the world of Craft Beer.

8 Wired was born during the infancy of the NZ Craft Brewer revolution. Their story begins in 2005 on Christmas Day in Perth, when founder Søren Eriksen was gifted a classic Coopers homebrew kit. Before long this hobby started to take a stronghold on Søren‘s life. Fast forward to 2022 and Søren and his team have created a range of award winning beers that continue wow taste buds all over the world.

At the heart of the business are four uniquely wrapped Jimnys that have been driven by the sales team since 2021, each celebrating a beer from the 8 Wired key range. When asked why the Jimny, Monique (Co-Founder of 8 Wired) says “The Jimny’s fun, compact presence while still being able to push boundaries is a great match with 8 Wired’s story of innovation and ingenuity. Its fuel economy and size fits the role as our sales team vehicle quite well. The square shape provides the perfect canvas for branding, appearing like a six pack on wheels”.

Here are the four craft beers that have inspired the artwork on the Jimnys.

Ventura_6pack_cans.png Hippy_Berliner_6pack_cans.png
Hop_Salad_6pack_cans.png Luppolo_6pack_cans.png

Hop Salad – Hazy IPA 6%

Imagine a big juicy bowl of kiwifruit, strawberry, blueberry, peach, orange and pear, jam it all in a blender and call it an IPA - it's our hazy hop salad.

8 Wired - Suzuki Jimny - Hop Salad1.JPG

Luppolo – Italian Pilsner 5%

A hoppier take on a classic style, Luppolo is a crisp, hoppy pilsner. Generously hopped with modern German varieties, Perle, Callista and Saphir to provide a subtle layer of citrus and punchy stone fruit, tempered with pleasant bitterness. Bellissimo!

8 Wired Brewing4 .jpgHippy Berliner – Sour Pale Ale 4%

Think of this as the free-spirited love child of a Berliner Weisse and an IPA. American and New Zealand hops deliver juicy fruit flavours and gentle bitterness, while live cultures create a natural thirst-quenching sourness. The result is bold yet light, and totally outta sight.

8 Wired Brewing Jimny2.jpg

Ventura - West Coast Style IPA 6%

Summer days and punchy bold hop vibes. This West Coast IPA shines bold colourful beams of malt that shimmer off big waves of Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus and Mosaic hops crashing against your taste buds.

8 Wired Suzuki Jimny - Ventura.png

This summer, 8 Wired is celebrating its iconic Jimnys with a photo competition - Snap a Jimny in the Wild.

If you're in Auckland or Wellington over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled for one of the 8 Wired Jimnys and you could be in to win!

Head over to the 8 Wired Brewing Facebook or Instagram for more details and snap a Jimny in the wild!

If your taste buds are intrigued, 8 Wired are offering 10% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list here.