Let the V-STROM 250SX take you on an adventure

Whether the ride leads across smooth pavement, or unpaved roads, the V-STROM 250SX is the right bike for exploration and fun. Through every bend, you’ll have the confidence that comes with Suzuki’s renowned reliability.

Discover. Explore. Enjoy the ride.

The 249cc, 4-stroke 1-cylinder, 4-valve, oil-cooled SOHC engine featured in the V-STROM 250SX feels strong and linear, offering excellent torque at low rpm and a smooth run-up, making it easy to use for beginners and veteran riders alike. The Suzuki Oil Cooling System (SOCS) warms the engine up quickly and keeps it at the optimum temperature for ideal temperature management. It also contributes to the engine's overall light weight and the V-STROM 250SX's lively feel.

The V-STROM series remains at the forefront of the sport adventure touring segment thanks to a focus on usability and riding enjoyment. V-STROMs span a range of engine sizes, with the V-STROM 1050XT, V-STROM 650 and V-STROM 250 rounding out the lineup. At the core of each one is a punchy yet silky engine paired with a versatile chassis that gets at the heart of what sport adventure touring is all about. With the addition of the V-STROM 250SX, the series gains a new, sporty addition capable of delivering the kind of riding the V-Strom is known for.


Engine Type 4-stroke, oil-cooled, SOHC, 1-cylinder
Engine Displacement (CC) 249
Bore x Stroke 76.0 mm x 54.9 mm
Transmission 6-speed
Fuel System Fuel Injection
Starter System Electric
Overall Length (mm) 2180
Overall Width (mm) 880
Overall Height (mm) 1355
Wheelbase (mm) 1440
Ground Clearance (mm) 205
Seat Height (mm) 835
Curb Mass (kg) 167
Suspension - Front Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension - Rear Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes - Front Disc, single
Brakes - Rear Disc
Tyre - Front 100/90-19M/C 57S, tubeless
Tyre - Rear 140/70-17M/C 66S, tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12


  • Front and Rear Suspension At the front, telescopic front forks with Φ41 mm inner tubes provide a generous 120 mm of suspension stroke to absorb bumps and keep the ride smooth. The swingarm type rear suspension features a 7-step adjustable preload that can be customised to suit the needs of each ride, whether it be riding alone, with a passenger, or carrying heavy luggage, giving the V-STROM 250SX a stable, comfortable ride every time.
  • LED headlights and rear combination lights Great looks and excellent lighting come from the LED headlight unit. It features eight LEDs lined up in three rows. The top and bottom rows are lit when the low beam is on, and the middle row lights up when the high beam is on. It offers excellent lighting on the road in as compact a layout as possible. Its sleek design lends a premium feel. The LED tail lights are bright, keeping the machine highly visible at night.
  • Knuckle covers keep wind, rain, and small rocks off the rider’s hands keeping them drier on long rides for added comfort and less fatigue.
  • Windscreen Developed with a shape to reduce reflections from the instrument panel, the windscreen was streamlined through real riding tests to be compact yet offer highly functional wind protection, making longer rides more comfortable.
  • Dual-exit muffler The short, all-black dual-exit muffler is specially tuned by adding sound-absorbing material to reduce metallic noise and preserve the sound of the engine itself.
  • The engine under cowling lends an adventure-styled look.
  • separate seat The textured material covering the sporty, separate-style seat keeps the rider in place, yet allows them to shift their weight to either side during sporty riding. It also has plenty of cushioning for comfort on longer rides.
  • Dual-channel Antilock Brake System The dual-channel Antilock Brake System (ABS) monitors the front and rear wheel speeds individually and matches stopping power to available traction to provide greater confidence and control. This adds convenience for new riders, returning riders and experienced riders alike, offering more peace of mind on slippery or unpaved roads. *ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. ABS cannot prevent wheel skidding caused by braking while cornering. Please drive carefully and do not overly rely on ABS.
  • Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) SEP engines feature weight-saving and friction-reducing technology to allow both low fuel consumption and excellent power characteristics. In the V-STROM 250 SX, the SEP engine offers brisk acceleration but uses little fuel in the process.
  • Piston Printed surface treatment of the piston skirt area has reduced friction loss in the piston itself. This has contributed to increased output and better fuel efficiency. The cylinder liners' unique finish offers excellent heat transfer effectiveness, reducing oil consumption and oil loss.
  • MotoGP technology Analytic technology gained through MotoGP was used to develop the valves, shim-type roller rocker arms, retainers and piston to reduce their weight. These combined result in a lighter engine with less friction loss. This reduces the overall weight of the V-STROM 250SX and gives it a quick, well-handling ride character, along with improving fuel economy.
  • Electronic fuel injection Sensors monitor and record data like air pressure and air temperature to deliver and inject the ideal amount of fuel to match riding conditions. This allows a smooth, direct and linear throttle response in any kind of climate, environment or riding conditions.
  • Suzuki Oil Cooling System (SOCS) The world’s first oil-cooled motorcycle engine was developed by Suzuki and has been updated ever since, becoming the key to producing smaller, lighter engines as the use of an oil cooling system allows a smaller, more compact design. The end result of years of development is the Suzuki Oil Cooling System (SOCS). Not only does this system offer advantages in size, but it also excels in durability and combustion efficiency. Oil cooling allows the engine to quickly warm up to the optimum temperature, which is an added benefit on cold days, and then to maintain that temperature for optimum fuel combustion, resulting in excellent fuel economy. The oil cooler itself consists of few parts, making it easy to maintain.
  • Suzuki Easy Start System The Suzuki Easy Start System allows the engine to be started with no need to hold down the switch, requiring only a single, brief push (with the clutch pulled in).
  • USB outlet A USB outlet on the left side of the instrument cluster can be used to charge a smartphone. It glows blue making it easy to use in low light situations.
  • Multi-function instrument cluster The full LCD instrument cluster is compact in size yet the display is large, making it simple to gain important information. The negative LCD display also adds to the sporty look. Shown on the LCD display are the: speedometer, tachometer, odometer, gear position indicator, trip meters (A, B), instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, fuel level indicator, clock, while on either side of the display are the turn signal indicator light, ABS indicator light, neutral indicator light, engine warning light, engine temperature warning light, voltage meter, master warning light and high beam indicator lights.

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