Sport Motorcycles

In 1985 Suzuki stunned the world with the very first GSX-R750, it was the first of a new generation of hyper sports bikes that were so close to the race versions that they represented performance on a completely new level.

Set to own the Race Track the GSX-R1000R hoists a red flag to would-be competitors that Suzuki is serious about being back on top. Eager to prove their engineering skills Suzuki designed and built a Superbike beyond parallel as well as introducing new features that will lift performance to new levels.

The GSX-R name is synonymous with performance and reliability; there is no compromise on the rider experience in the search for the perfect sports motorcycle. True power means control not just figures on a Dyno and Suzuki has a reputation for making their sports bike with an attention to detail that transfers performance into faster lap times.

Famed for its abundant power, agility and dominant presence, the Hayabusa has been enhanced with even smoother power delivery, nimbler handling, and the latest electronic systems designed for optimal performance, controllability and predictability. All wrapped in a head-turning package, it’s a new generation of power ready for the great New Zealand ride.

Whether it’s riding Track Days or highways, Suzuki Sports motorcycles deliver on the promise of affordable performance.