Life in the fast lane is a sure way to get stuck in a rut, so if you’re looking for an escape then the right kind of medicine could be a Suzuki Cruiser.

Chrome, a V-Twin rumble, and acres of road ahead will fix just about any kind of boredom. Just the wind in your face and a destination in your mind, there is nothing quite like a cruise on a Suzuki Boulevard.

From humble beginnings, the mighty Boulevard M109 has risen to the top of the heap, with power to burn and style to turn heads, its 1800cc motor melts distances as easy as the giant 240 section rear tyre eats the bitumen.

And from the section that reads something like ‘I want it all’, the Boulevard S40 cruiser could be the one best decision you will make. With one of the lowest seat heights in its class and a strong 650cc single four-stroke engine, the LS has some fairly wide-ranging users from Learners through to serious cruiser addicts, there are big reasons to take a second look.