Suzuki Warranty

Insist on genuine Suzuki parts and service

By servicing your vehicle at an authorised Suzuki service centre you are ensuring that your vehicle is correctly maintained by trained technicians with the knowledge and equipment to keep it in optimal condition. It will also ensure that your vehicle is fitted with genuine Suzuki parts and meets the service requirements of our Real Value warranty programme.

Understanding your warranty

Suzuki New Zealand and authorised Suzuki Dealers provide warranty cover against product failure. It does not cover fair wear and tear.

Providing the vehicle has been used in a normal fashion and serviced in accordance with the prescribed schedule, this warranty extends for the time and mileage relevant to the model you have purchased.

The warranty applies only to vehicles supplied or distributed by Suzuki New Zealand Limited and while the vehicle resides in New Zealand.

Transfer of warranty to a subsequent owner requires completion of the warranty transfer card located at the rear of your warranty and service manual. This must be sent to Suzuki New Zealand Limited immediately by the new owner.

Your authorised Suzuki service centre must be notified of any defect immediately after its discovery and the vehicle must be presented to the dealer for repair as soon as possible.

The warranty protects against the possibility of faulty manufacturing or materials. Parts and labour costs relating to normal scheduled servicing are at the owner’s expense.

New motorcycle and ATV warranty

Suzuki New Zealand Ltd (Suzuki) warrants that if within the specified warranty period following retail sale any part of the motorcycle or ATV is found to be defective due to faulty Suzuki materials or manufacturing, the defect will be repaired or parts replaced free of charge.

This is providing the motorcycle or ATV:

  1. Has been supplied or distributed by Suzuki New Zealand Limited
  2. Shall only be repaired by an authorised Suzuki repairer
  3. Has been maintained in accordance with recommended Suzuki maintenance schedules
  4. Has been operated in accordance with Suzuki recommendations and not subject to misuse or accident
  5. Has not been modified or altered from the original production configuration
  6. Has not had the odometer tampered with or disconnected (where applicable)
  7. Has not been previously deregistered (where applicable)
  8. Normal wear and tear and service adjustments are not part of this warranty.

Transfer of warranty

As the new owner of a used Suzuki, you should transfer the ownership, and if applicable, the remaining factory warranty of your Suzuki by completing the Contact Us form. Select ‘Transfer of Ownership and Warranty’ option from the drop-down box and fill in the details requested.

If you do not have internet access please contact your local Suzuki Dealer and they will be happy to complete a transfer for you. Alternatively, you can call Suzuki NZ Head Office on 06 349 1222.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Except where the buyer has acquired the goods for the purposes of a ‘business’ as defined in Section 2 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, nothing in the above shall affect or limit the rights of the buyer under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and this warranty shall in all respects be subject to the provisions of the Act. The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply where the buyer acquires the goods for the purposes of a ‘business’.

Warranty exclusions

While your Suzuki Warranty is very comprehensive, there are exclusions as listed below:

  • Normal servicing and adjustments required by the maintenance schedule of the Suzuki and consumables such as: Sprockets, spokes, chains, tyres, brake linings/pads, brake drums and discs, batteries, cables, wheel bearings, tappet shims, cam chains, clutch assembly, filters, lubrication oils, fluids, spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, axle boots, starter brushes, or oil seal failure, steering head bearings, drive belt, drive belt pulley system and the removal, fitment of accessories, fork and shock absorbers damaged due to overloading.
  • Piston seizure. Unless caused by manufacturing defect.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, negligence, water contamination, incorrect oil usage, alteration, accident, overloading, competition racing or failure to follow the recommended routine maintenance procedures.
  • Failure caused by use of aftermarket tyres, parts and/or accessories not of Suzuki manufacture unless these have been supplied by Suzuki.
  • Change of appearance of paint, chrome, trim and other appearance items after 90 days.
  • These items are affected by exposure and owner maintenance. Any manufacturing imperfections will normally be apparent at a very early stage and certainly before the first service is carried out.
  • Damage resulting from failure of operator to follow loading or usage conditions as specified in the owner’s manual.
  • Any damage resulting from continued use of the machine while a fault is known to exist.
  • Any vehicle which has been used for purposes other than what it was designed for (i.e. motorcycle designed for “on the road use” used as “off-road vehicle”).
  • Any vehicle which has been assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired by a party other than an authorised Suzuki dealer.
  • Use of incorrect fuel type for the Motorcycle or ATV. Failure to maintain fuel delivery device or storage facility.

Owner's responsibility

There are a number of things you can do to assist in maintaining the appearance and value of your investment and assist in ensuring the warranty provision are met.

Routine scheduled maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.

We suggest you retain confirmation from routine maintenance according to the Suzuki recommendations should it be necessary to lodge a claim during the warranty period, as you will be ineligible if there is insufficient evidence.

If your Suzuki is subjected to use under severe driving conditions, maintenance of the Suzuki in cleaning using recommended vehicle washes and polishes, waxing the paint and chrome work, plus the use of multi- purpose lubrication sprays will help to protect the value of your investment.

Additionally, you are required to take action should your Suzuki be affected by the following below:

  • After riding through road works, your Suzuki should be washed thoroughly with water to remove any contaminates that are used by road works e.g. Lime, cement, shell rock. All these items are very corrosive.
  • The common insect has an acidic make up, when certain insects come in contact with the motorcycle paint work or chrome it can corrode the surface causing imperfections and rust.
  • Living near the coastal areas where salt will travel with the wind, extra attention to your Suzuki is necessary.