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Servicing your Suzuki

Regular servicing maintains your Suzuki's overall performance and safety, which is why we specify a Distance Travelled and/or time interval, whichever comes first. Our expertly trained Dealer technicians not only use the latest Suzuki servicing equipment, but also have access to the latest information and training on Suzuki products, to keep your Suzuki operating in peak condition.

Consumable parts begin to wear and deteriorate, and oil/chemicals lose their efficacy over time. You can have peace of mind with your Suzuki if you maintain it according to Suzuki Periodic Maintenance Schedule, by having regular engine oil and engine oil filter changes and brake pad inspection at designated times.

This saves you money in the long run and avoids major and costly problems as well as enhancing the resale value of your motorcycle. Suzuki recommends genuine parts when you replace any of the parts of your Suzuki during maintenance or repair. Genuine parts will keep your motorcycle running at its best. Remember, your Suzuki Service Manager is always happy to answer any questions about your machine and its specific needs. Make sure you bring it back to the Suzuki experts.

Suzuki Diagnostic Equipment

Genuine Suzuki Servicing ensures your motorcycle or ATV is diagnosed by authorised Suzuki trained technicians using the Suzuki Diagnostics System (SDS). It’s the only system that can accurately monitor your Suzuki under real riding conditions.

Authorised Suzuki dealers know Suzuki motorcycles and ATV better than anyone through their day-to-day servicing. They are equipped with special Suzuki diagnostic and repair instruments, which ensure accurate diagnosis and faster service times. Software for the computerised Suzuki Diagnostic Tool is regularly updated to ensure that Suzuki technicians have the most advanced applications and functions. That is why they can accurately identify possible causes of problems reported by customers and replace only the parts that need replacing.

Expertise in Service and Suzuki Motorcycles

Authorized Suzuki dealers offer the full range of service, from inspection and maintenance to repair. Service managers and technicians at authorised Suzuki dealerships continuously update their skills by taking courses on technical, diagnostic and repair issues and thanks to the service training and regular circulation of bulletins, our technicians have a broad range of knowledge and are informed on the latest advances with Suzuki motorcycle and ATV.

Our people are well-versed in the service requirements unique to Suzuki and can access Suzuki support available at local distributors online or by phone.

Maintenance Tips

Whether you're new to biking or a seasoned rider, there are lots of maintenance tasks you can do yourself to keep your Suzuki motorcycle in tip-top condition.

As a seasoned rider you will probably be familiar with the following general maintenance tips, but if you’re new to biking there are lots of maintenance tasks you can do yourself to keep your Suzuki motorcycle in tip-top condition.


Check your engine oil or gear oil frequently. It lubricates your gears and engine and keeps your engine cool. Your Suzuki owner’s manual will specify how frequently the oil should be changed and this schedule should be followed to maximise the performance, efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs should be changed as specified in the owner’s manual (or if a problem is suspected). It is critically important to use the correct spark plug grade and type. Where the manual suggests an iridium plug, the cost is offset by the life-span, lasting 10,000 miles (16,000 km) or more.


Tyre pressure should be checked once a week or every time you go out. Underinflated tyres tend to affect handling and braking as the lack of pressure means the tyre wall isn’t firm enough to properly cope with the forces exerted on it. Over-inflation can also result in a deterioration in handling, as well as a reduced contact patch with the road. This can result in a lack of grip under braking.

Chain lubrication (where applicable)

The chain which rotates the rear wheel should be kept lubricated. If it’s kept lubricated, it should last a very long time. If not lubricated, it could become damaged by excess heat, will wear the separate links and could cause it to come off the sprockets. It can also cause wear on the sprockets and bearings which can be very dangerous. The chain tightening procedure is detailed in the owner’s manual. Follow this carefully as too tight is as bad as too loose.

Keep it clean

Cleaning your bike is part of maintenance. Keeping it clean of dirt (and salt in winter) will not only keep it looking good, it also will avoid potential corrosion issues. It’s also a good way to inspect nuts and bolts to ensure they are tightened correctly.

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