Cut your travel time and create opportunities you never knew existed. Arrive early and grab a coffee, catch up with others, and get geared up for the busy day ahead. Settle behind the bars of the all-new, comfortable, easy-to-ride Gixxer 250 and your mind will be freed from the clutter and stress of a busy week.

Aggressively styled like the legendary GSX-R racers and kitted with MotoGP engine tech, the Gixxer 250 is lightweight and fun, with the power to get you going. The advanced, oil-cooled, fuel-injected engine delivers instant throttle response through a slick 6-speed transmission, giving higher fuel efficiency, cutting your running costs and reducing your carbon footprint. And when needed, the powerful dual-channel ABS disc brakes will curb your progress with authority.

Once the work week is done, the Gixxer 250 is perfect for that weekend blast. Get out there, explore new limits and see where life takes you. Naked or faired, it’s not just a motorcycle, more of a life-affirming game-changer.

Leave those other commuters behind to do the boring train-ride, the crowded bus, the queues of cars stuck in traffic. Travel easy with the all-new powerful and sharp-looking commuter sports bike, the Suzuki Gixxer 250. Go your own way, carve your own lines and never look back – at the traffic in your wake, or life before your Gixxer…

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