Do you have what it takes?

Future road race champions will be born during the 2023 Suzuki Gixxer Cup season. And with $10,000 prize money up for grabs, will you be one?

If you’re over the age of 14 then being part of New Zealand’s newest class of production racing is definitely the most exciting thing you can do this summer - and a springboard towards a successful racing future.

The Gixxer Cup incorporates the three-round Suzuki Series in December, including the world-famous Cemetery Circuit, plus the five-round National Championship series in early 2024.

The $10,000 prize pool will be split equally between the genders, with $5,000 to be allocated proportionately to the top five male riders and another $5,000 shared among the top five females in the competition.

The series was first run in 2017 and is positioned as an entry-level/introductory race class using standard GSX150F road bikes. The Suzuki GIXXER 150 class is the perfect place to start your road racing career, with many Gixxer riders having gone on to compete in higher classes after an introductory season on these bikes.

You can find the rules for the series here, and entry forms are also on the Cemetery Circuit website along with more detailed information. The series starts on 2 December.

If this sounds like you, don’t delay. Places on the starting grid are limited so book your potential spot on the podium as one of New Zealand’s future 2-wheeled champions today.


Real-world racing starts with a GSX150F for only $3,500.