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Suzuki Embraces Environmental Responsibility

Suzuki Motor Corporation, as an automotive company, has always had an eye on its responsibility to the environment. With a range of cars and motorcycles renowned for their economy and low emissions, Suzuki constantly seeks opportunities to reduce waste and lower its environmental footprint.

An example of this is the recycling of packaging materials. Suzuki New Zealand recycles around 500kg of cardboard packaging each week, to avoid sending it to landfill. A further example is the installation of sensor-tripped lights in parts of Suzuki’s head office building, so that lights are off when those parts of the office are not in use.

Suzuki’s latest move is to discontinue the use of plastic bunting tape. This single-use tape is commonly used to mark out race and trail ride courses, but being plastic, can create an issue if not disposed of in a responsible manner. While the Suzuki-branded bunting tape is a valuable marketing tool, the company feels the environment impact outweighs the promotional benefits.

Suzuki identified that it was distributing around 500kg of bunting tape each year. While ending the use of this tape may seem a small step in terms waste reduction, it reflects Suzuki’s commitment to constantly review all its activities, and continually look for ways to contribute to the environment in a positive way.

Words and photo by Peter Goldfinch and Mike Wink, Suzuki New Zealand Limited.