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Suzuki a Hit with Private New Car Buyers in New Zealand

Suzuki has taken the number one position for new motor vehicle sales to private buyers in the New Zealand market.

In April Suzuki sold more new cars to private buyers than any other brand, and in the first four months of 2018 was the most popular choice for new passenger cars and SUVs.

In year to date sales, private buyers took 68.6 percent of all Suzuki motor vehicle volume. This was the highest of all major motor vehicle franchises and was well ahead of the overall motor industry average of 43.9 percent penetration.

Suzuki was also the third best selling new passenger and SUV brand in April. In addition, the top-selling Suzuki Swift continues its record run in being the best selling passenger car since 2005.

The Swift is the Automobile Association People’s Choice and Canstar Blue awarded its Customer Satisfaction award to Suzuki for 2017.

Gary Collins, General Manager of Automobile Marketing for Suzuki New Zealand, said, “The latest sales results endorse the popularity of Suzuki among private car buyers. We are obviously delighted our brand has posted the highest number of private sales to date this year in the New Zealand market.

Suzuki’s market leading Swift range now includes the limited special edition SR model. The Special Edition SR model is available under Suzuki’s no deposit offer and comes with a three-year, 100,000 kilometre warranty, extending to five years and 100,000 km for the power train.