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Coastguard First Onboard with Suzuki Outboards

Previously the distribution of our marine engines was handled by Haines Marine based out of Australia, but Suzuki New Zealand is bringing it home. Simon Meade, Suzuki NZ’s General Manager of Motorcycle/ATV and Marine Marketing is excited about the opportunity. He says that as an island nation surrounded by coastline New Zealand could be described as "the perfect environment for Suzuki’s ultimate four-stroke marine engines."

The first confirmed sale has already been made to Coastguard Wanganui. This volunteer organisation is responsible for one of New Zealand's most challenging coastlines, covering an area that stretches to the tip of the South Island. With a number of high-profile rescues to their name, their choice is a strong endorsement of Suzuki’s reliability and performance. According to Simon, "New Zealand has one of the world's highest ratios of boat ownership per head of population, so it’s vital our marine services have the confidence to operate reliably."

Tom Peck, the CEO of Suzuki NZ is also pleased to have Suzuki Marine join the family. "Our motorcycles have held the number one position in New Zealand since 1998, and we’re very strong in the small car and compact SUV segments, so we’re looking forward to promoting Suzuki Marine," Peck said.

With the water being such an important part of our Kiwi ‘way of life’ it’s a perfect fit for Suzuki. And rest assured, if you get into trouble on the waves along New Zealand's vast coastline, it will be a reliable Suzuki engine that will be coming to your rescue.

Based on an article by Andy McGechan, BikesportNZ.com. Photo by Steve Caudwell, Wanganui Photography.